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Both furries and ponies are dear to me, for how they are magical, cute and fluffy. I love the idea that one can find their way into the world of another~
Commission for @DJDavid98 💙
safe9655 artist:dreamweaverpony2 oc10269 oc only5711 oc:paamayim nekudotayim106 canine3100 equine5502 fictional species9457 fox1205 mammal13568 pony4871 unicorn1916 friendship is magic4626 my little pony5347 barrier2 blue fur1420 blue hair305 blushing1541 cheek fluff799 chest fluff1049 commission828 cutie mark1230 cyan eyes151 duality25 duo4093 ear fluff918 eye through hair185 eyebrow through hair118 eyelashes285 female9154 female/female311 females only155 feral8313 fluff2701 fur4532 grass320 hair2880 hooves1960 horn1951 invisible wall1 looking at each other310 mane681 outdoors574 paws2892 raised leg240 rock75 socks (leg marking)79 soft shading20 tail10807 tail fluff473 thorns2 tree451 tree branch17


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