Littlepips first meeting with Shiner the water merchant. Under normal circumstances it be like any run-in with a wastelander, as polite as one can be, maybe a few suggestive comments, trading of supplies and caps, then they go their own way. Unfortunately Pip is in a disadvantageous position, and Shiner is very opportunistic. He also has a thing to try and get with any mare that catches his fancy, and most mares do. Fortunately he is not one to force himself on others, as he enjoys a mare begging for him.
safe112655 artist:dice-warwick3 oc75554 oc only48908 oc:littlepip43 oc:shiner1 equine33468 fictional species105117 mammal174067 pony27804 unicorn9837 feral52732 fallout equestria97 fallout273 friendship is magic26168 hasbro31774 my little pony31333 20233912 clothes85099 female152644 hat8431 headwear6060 hooves10490 horn12368 jumpsuit107 male70831 mare12089 newsboy hat1 pipbuck22 raised hoof587 simple background47988 stallion2942 transparent background7643 vault suit24


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