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[MLP: FMNE] Forest Edge (Bio/Ref)
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MLP:FMNE belongs to HarmonyVitality-YT and Stardust-SterlingYT
Name : Forest Edge

Nickname (s) : Forest , Edge (by Glamrous)*
Full Name : Forest Edge*
Gender : Male*
Species : Changeling*
Age : 19
Talent / Hobby / Cutie Mark : —
Personality : Calm, Confident, Hardworking, Protective
Likes : Peace, Spending time with loved once, Tea, Winter
Dislikes : Attention Seekers, Lies, Betrayals
Parent(s) : Chrysalis (Mother)
Sibling(s) : —
Relative(s) : —
Best Friend(s) : Main 7
Love Intrest : Glamrous (Dating)
*Place of Birth : Changeling Hive *
Place of Residence : New Changeling Hive
*Occupation : Prince *
Magic : 87/100
Intelligence : 78/100
Strength : 98/100
General Info :
*Forest Edge is the only Son of Chrysalis, Before being imprissioned at a Statue Chrysalis had a new egg who she looked after. After the time Chrysalis became a Statue the egg had finally Hatched and a new Changeling had came out of it, Forest Edge was found in the Everfree all alone by Thorax, He bought him to the New Changeling Hive and it became his new home. At the age of 15 he finds out about his Real mother being villain and leaves the Changeling hive to learn more. Because of his sudden hisappearence the other Changelings looked alot for him but he couldn’t be found. Now Forest was trying to accomplish his mother’s Targets.
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safe112655 artist:elementbases41 artist:harmonyvitality-yt5 oc75554 oc only48908 oc:forest edge1 arthropod3875 changedling159 changeling1340 changeling queen415 equine33468 fictional species105116 mammal174067 pony27804 feral52732 series:my little pony: friendship magic never ends2 friendship is magic26168 hasbro31774 my little pony31333 202225053 base used1095 biography5 glowing2200 glowing horn496 high res22149 horn12368 insect wings249 magical parthenogenic spawn1 male70831 next generation43 offspring130 parent:queen chrysalis (mlp)3 simple background47988 solo139846 solo male22871 transparent background7643 wings19563


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