Originally posted on: August 30, 2022 at 10:07 AM UTC
[MLP: FMNE] Sky Tune Bio
*Name : Sky Tune
Nickname : Sky
Gender : Male
Species : Pegasus
Talent/Hobby : Haven’t Figured out yet
Age : 10
Place of Birth : Cloudesdal
Place of Residence : Ponyville (With his Brother)
Parents : Sky Stinger (Father) Vapor Trail (Mother)
Sibling : Empyrean (Older Brother)
Best Friend(s) : Locket, Crystal Sunlight, Saturn Cosmo, Shine Saturn, Uranus, Majestic, Mane 7
Love Intrest : Crystal Sunlight (I know, I know he is too young but has a Crush on Crystal Sunlight (Daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor)
General Info
He is a Huge fan of the Mane 7 especially Stardust, Rapid and Harmony.
safe112655 artist:elementbases41 artist:harmonyvitality-yt5 oc75554 oc only48908 oc:sky tune1 equine33468 fictional species105117 mammal174067 pegasus8176 pony27804 feral52732 series:my little pony: friendship magic never ends2 friendship is magic26168 hasbro31774 my little pony31333 202225053 base used1095 biography5 colt122 foal788 male70831 offspring130 parent:sky stinger (mlp)1 parent:vapor trail (mlp)1 parents:vaporsky (mlp)1 rearing118 simple background47988 solo139847 solo male22871 transparent background7643 wings19563 young3352


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