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Squirrel Legacy II: Children of the Nut

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safe150707 artist:yakovlev-vad254 loona (vivzmind)5719 canine79762 fictional species136861 hellhound5864 mammal231634 anthro204352 digitigrade anthro26454 hazbin hotel5697 helluva boss6498 202331875 bedroom eyes30988 black nose32682 bottomwear27684 breasts129806 clothes119995 collar11432 colored sclera12789 couch1939 detailed background21315 digital art91618 ears83145 evening gloves2998 eyelashes70416 female206973 fur109990 gloves12497 guitar516 hair98451 legwear18581 long gloves3994 monochrome12384 mug487 musical instrument815 red sclera4286 shorts9127 sitting17354 solo189046 solo female136469 spiked collar2696 stockings13559 table1438 tail138194 tank top4184 thighs80889 topwear37177 wide hips70132


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