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safe131735 artist:tateoftot6 lagomorph11594 mammal202246 rabbit11193 humanoid9291 taur579 202226963 breasts109081 clothes101723 duo43758 duo female8543 ear piercing8443 featured image240 female179021 females only10333 grass3036 outdoors8031 piercing12841 plant6221 spear608 topwear31111 tree6035 weapon6329


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Even Worse Kobold -

Up in Otter Space
Finally realized what these reminded me of. They’re kinda like centaur Viera, only without the stylization of Final Fantasy.
Very well drawn and very creative, I love it.

Actually a brilliant idea; normal centaurs are pathetic since they lack the good traits of both species, while those have mobility. Mire orgains also make sence here, since bunnies have weak digestive systems. Excelent species, logical, it works; shoulda replace all traditional centaurs. Its also nice to see non-prey bunnies for once.
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Draw or die
Wow, this is extraordinary! It looks like the inspiration for an entire series of fantasy stories.