Sweetie Belleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
It’s wild how well this came out, considering it started off as the roughest of my sketches and went through like 5 different versions.
For NS4W content featuring Sweetie Belle, please consider my [email protected], link in the replies below 🔽
safe101186 artist:ambris179 sweetie belle (mlp)339 equine31559 fictional species94930 mammal156310 pony26208 unicorn9265 anthro132750 friendship is magic24780 hasbro30066 my little pony29635 202219666 belly button29265 big breasts24890 bikini7617 breasts78402 cleavage6626 clothes75542 eye through hair816 eyebrow through hair1137 eyebrows6461 eyeshadow2166 female136585 fur67264 green eyes9373 hair58938 heart7533 high res21231 hips56 horn11722 legs339 makeup3160 midriff1931 multicolored hair2108 one eye closed7286 open mouth37667 open smile4405 patreon403 pink hair2640 purple hair2013 signature13138 simple background43572 smiling31776 solo125599 solo female85670 swimsuit8953 two toned hair1279 white background15479 white body11826 white fur12018 winking2046


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