Reference sheet for my bunny gal, Bridget!
She’s gone through some changes!
I combined some ideas from Lynn (blonde, brown-furred bunny), and some ideas from my previous version of Bridget (“spectacles” around her eyes). Seeing as it was difficult to draw all my characters because I had so many, I figure I’d combine multiple characters into one!
I really LOVE her as a blonde! And with glasses!
I’m excited to draw more of her!
Also, another note: I will probably revisit this and Tremmie, as well as other character reference sheets. I’m learning a LOT with each new sheet I make. Rather than make tweaks and upload each sheet 12 different times, I’ll wait to go back over each one and clean them up!
Better finished than perfect, right???
Onto the next! (Probably Andrea, who I’m mixing Sandy and Andrea with! I want to make her a strawberry blonde!)
suggestive36574 artist:arrjaysketch42 oc79516 oc:bridget3 lagomorph10515 mammal183106 rabbit10230 anthro157240 bedroom eyes23170 big breasts29483 bikini9705 blonde hair3143 breasts95558 cleavage7921 clothes89954 ears55864 female160702 fur81403 glasses9138 hair71221 paws20378 pink background705 reference sheet2633 simple background50195 solo147074 solo female100112 standing6172 swimsuit11267 tail106529 tan body4612 tan fur4539


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