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Viw's Art

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Commission art was drawn by ServantofEntropy
Brayden Wayne The Bat-Hound
Canine Base By casparr
Alias: Bat-Hound
The World’s Greatest Detective
The Dark Knight
The Caped Crusader
Legal Name: Brayden Wayne
Morality: Good
Age: 28
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Wayne Enterprises Ceo
Height: 6’6
Weight: 222Lbs
Race/Species: Wolf Dog
Nationality: American
Voice Actor: Rino Romano
Abilities: Martial Arts
Peak Canine Agility And Reflexes
And Peak Canine Senses
Weapons: Batarangs
Shock Gloves
Collapsible Bat-Sword
Gadgets/Tech: All Of Them
Physical Weaknesses: Weight Limit 600Lbs
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Fear Toxin
Primary Traits: Kind Strict But Fair
Hospitable Generosus Very Determined
Intelligence And Serious
Likes: 90’s Movies Classical Theater
Old And Modern Rock And Roll
Dislikes: Criminals And Injustice
Habits/Quirks: None
Fears: Failing Gotham
Motivation: Avenging His Deceased Parents
Family: Thaddeus Wayne Father(Deceased)
Mari Wayne Mother (Deceased)
Alistair Pennyworth
Romantic Interests: Diane Foxington
Allies: The JLA
Rivals: Deathstroke
Enemies: The Joker Bane The Penguin
Hound-Bat Mr.Freeze Two-Face
Firefly The Ventriloquist And Scarface
Clayface The Riddler Poison Ivy
Killer Croc Spellbinder Scarecrow
Mad Hatter Solomon Grundy Black Mask
Ra’s al Ghul Black Spider
Hash Doctor Destiny


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