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Originally posted on: August 15, 2019
Re-upload of >>2088471 with the mane color fixed

Shout out to f.lux (technically Windows 10 night light, but ssssh) for making me miss the lack of color the first time around.
safe9734 artist:djdavid98164 applejack (mlp)186 earth pony1128 equine5519 fictional species9538 mammal13641 pony4886 friendship is magic4633 minecraft140 my little pony5362 abstract background825 apple66 apple tree6 clothes4724 confused24 crossover295 cutie mark1340 feral8383 food392 freckles214 fur4569 green eyes2026 hair2916 hat518 hooves1971 newbie artist training grounds540 orange fur240 solo10266 tail10862 tree455 video game logic1 yellow hair110


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