#Doe cooling off on a hot summer day~!
safe112655 alternate version16524 artist:alfa995560 oc75555 oc:doe (alfa995)280 cervid4506 deer4283 mammal174067 anthro149117 unguligrade anthro3991 20163509 belly button33373 black nose22368 bottomwear18017 boulder18 breasts90056 brown body8352 brown eyes2807 brown fur8663 brown hair4799 cleavage7401 clothes85099 cloven hooves1784 detailed background8918 digital art60451 doe694 ears51514 eyelashes45204 featured image215 female152643 fur76472 hair66873 hand on neck85 hooves10490 lake334 looking at you55817 looking up1320 looking up at you138 pose13102 short tail3227 shorts5919 sitting12746 solo139846 solo female95276 tail101181 tank top2826 thighs52118 topwear25053 water7481


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Draw or die
Very different audiences. This is for furry artists, fans, and their community, which assumes a more mature audience. That said, I honestly don’t know how this would be rated on Derpi, were it allowed.
I’m just happy that we are here, and can enjoy, and feature, art like this.