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Nov 20, 2021
Ember commission for @DigitalByte357
I never did get the chance to draw her more, so this was a pleasure~
safe62558 artist:ambris69 princess ember (mlp)204 dragon8436 fictional species59867 anthro77907 plantigrade anthro5836 friendship is magic19130 hasbro22688 my little pony22382 202116085 amber eyes1067 anthrofied3954 barefoot2104 big breasts14157 blue scales318 bottomwear9365 breasts41941 claws9550 cleavage4149 clothes44867 curved horn166 cyan body35 cyan scales15 dragon wings330 dragoness1984 eyebrows5675 eyelashes17547 feet2544 female81219 grin1545 high res3798 horn8785 horns5613 looking at you27495 midriff1135 scales3994 shorts2907 simple background27462 solo75209 solo female50235 tail54454 tail tuft1400 tank top1199 thick thighs5022 thighs17219 toe claws360 toes936 topwear13186 webbed wings2454 white background10400 wide hips11986 wings12871


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