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Uhhhh that tape will hurt when it comes off! XD
@_VeloCat commissioned this naughty piece with their girl, Alex :D
I will dabble with NSFW work a bit, to see how it suits me and what you folks like to see.
I will use this new brand/signature for it :)
suggestive18005 artist:zorryn21 oc45740 oc only30023 oc:alexandra (velocitycat)49 cheetah636 feline16800 mammal96796 anthro77903 202116084 animated3560 big breasts14156 blonde hair1573 breasts41939 clothes44864 ear fluff6537 female81215 fluff20161 hair32716 long hair2884 looking at you27494 nipple tape139 nipples24425 no sound143 nudity45100 shirt6563 shirt lift662 smiling20620 smiling at you4107 solo75205 solo female50231 tail54451 tail fluff4954 topwear13185 webm628


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Anonymous #5AE7
This….. this is alittle to realistic and it looks like they can look into my soul. No hate to the creator of this video it is still great.
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