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From source:
doodled a quick lynx boy asking you the tough questions
first person to comment “OwO” gets shot
suggestive16635 artist:panken119 feline15992 lynx477 mammal91816 anthro72932 plantigrade anthro5664 barefoot1999 belly button13030 big ears495 blushing15204 bottomwear8876 brown hair2946 bulge818 cheek fluff4367 chest fluff6993 clothes41959 dialogue7057 ears14182 ears laid back473 english text1194 fangs5737 fluff19440 fur37619 hair29846 hands behind back100 long ears1046 male40873 midriff1025 sharp teeth8205 shorts2712 simple background26576 solo70955 solo male14480 speech bubble4466 spotted fur1662 tail51169 tail fluff4764 talking8484 talking to viewer855 tank top1113 teeth12944 text7586 three toes18 topwear12501 white background10123


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