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Viw's Art

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Blitz in awsome daki form.

Dakis are likely to be $60 stateside, or $50+shipping for overseas. Please fill out the following form if you want one.

Artist is ashleyarcticfox

safe58494 artist:arctic-fox108 oc41833 oc:blitz (gyro)149 fictional species54571 mammal88186 mustelid1754 quilava217 feral33229 nintendo16252 pokémon11693 blue eyes8158 body pillow35 daki11 dakimakura45 fire1191 fur35954 male39751 mottled body74 mottled fur172 multicolored fur4238 paws11367 pillow1999 pinup620 purple body1433 purple fur1266 solo68039 starter pokémon2391 tan body2186 tan fur2504


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