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What had to happen at the end of the second season:

suggestive15668 artist:drawalaverr25 princess cadence (mlp)251 queen chrysalis (mlp)335 alicorn2801 arthropod2183 changeling790 changeling queen285 equine21906 fictional species54571 mammal88186 pony18594 feral33229 cc by-nc360 creative commons827 friendship is magic18174 hasbro21140 my little pony20845 202111078 blushing14373 cadalis (mlp)4 crown847 duo20714 duo female3705 fangs5554 female72535 female/female2201 females only3857 french kiss74 high res3277 horn8023 infidelity79 jewelry3551 kissing913 looking at each other1867 looking down1352 looking up864 mare8034 open mouth20332 regalia656 saliva3203 sharp teeth7902 shipping5389 simple background25663 teeth12481 tongue15870 tongue out10378


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