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Ember + Smolder Makeout~ (Sweatpants Version)

Two hot girls invite you to enjoy their warmth~ 🌡️💕

I did 50 Versions for this btw! We got nudes, lingerie, cow lingerie, onepiece swimsuit, micro bikini, thigh highs, sweatpants and combos! Check out the set on my patreon and get many more sets for as little as $5! https://www.patreon.com/whisperfoot

Derpibooru source

suggestive15668 artist:whisperfoot285 princess ember (mlp)186 smolder (mlp)122 dragon7830 fictional species54571 anthro69645 friendship is magic18174 hasbro21140 my little pony20845 202111078 anthro/anthro2872 areola12604 big butt2256 blue body3743 blue scales310 bottomwear8469 breasts35871 butt14375 clothes39893 dialogue6803 dragoness1763 duo20714 duo female3705 eyebrows5455 eyelashes14220 female72535 female/female2201 females only3857 green eyes6838 heart4920 horns5083 looking at you23695 love heart1024 nipples21084 nudity39693 orange body2931 orange scales199 outdoors4121 partial nudity4516 red eyes2944 scales3315 sloppy kissing44 smiling18702 smiling at you3168 speech bubble4227 sweatpants34 tail48827 talking8203 topless1503 two toned body2126 webbed wings2302 wings11957 yellow body2871 yellow scales206


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