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Elly Catfox
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Foxy Catgirl ^_^
Seeking someone or something? Post here. :)
I’ll start:
28YO Trans girl 5’10” 164 lb.s, haven’t had HRT yet but want to ASAP. Still rocking my femboy look for now. ^_^
Erie, PA, USA area.
Polyamorous, pan, and DTF/DTY. Drug and infection-free. Got a 7 inch dick between my legs on a “big” day, for the time being rn anywho.
Seeking a top man or a woman with a strap on, or perhaps a couple if you’re adventurous. I’m not picky about looks, just be nice and don’t be obese and majorly out of shape or unkempt or dirty.
We could play video games and listen to music, and I would like to cook and clean for you in sexy clothing too if you like, but you gotta be a good dom for that- I’m not your mommy, I just live to submit, serve, and bring others pleasure. There’s a difference, lol!
I like cats and rainbows, mlp ponies, astronomy, sci-fi, dressing up, good books, playing the piano, being a liberal cuck, and generally good things. ♡♡♡ ;)
I want to please someone and be very subby, suck cock, get fucked like a good little slut, cuddle and nuzzle, and then fuck some more if you’re up for it! I have soft cat ears and paws and other fun outfits too and am gonna get more also. If you’re interested, please dm and we can exchange more pics and stuff!!!! 🙏 ♡ Thanks! ^_^
P.S. I’ve wanted an occasion to say this for months:
Meow and yip yip, I’mma suck ur dick! 😸🐾🥵❤️

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