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Draw or die
I wish you great luck :)
However, setting up a Philomena based booru can be a bit of a challenge, and it can take weeks or months to get set up and running properly. As an alternative, and so that you can get going with fleshing out your plans, there are sites that will let you create a new booru without having to invest in infrastructure or deal with setting up up your own server and getting all the necessary pieces up and running.
For example, will allow you to create a free booru that will let you get started, and you can maybe grow an audience there. Then when you have enough supporters you could invest in a more dedicated booru.
If creating a Philomena based booru is more than you have the resources or staff for, it might be that creating a free temporary booru might help you get up and running. That way you can put your ideas together and build a team and user base, and get a body of images gathered.

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