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And may be this is a bit late but I just wasn't able not to pay my attention to this character.
She definitely are very cutie one >w<

My list of favorite dragons got one more character =3
alt source:
safe55588 artist:yakovlev-vad140 sisu (raya and the last dragon)125 dragon7569 eastern dragon462 fictional species49867 feral31941 disney5794 raya and the last dragon142 20218299 aquatic dragon14 artifact8 blue body3443 blue hair2206 blue mane80 claws8525 dragoness1561 eyebrows4717 eyelashes10860 featured image110 female65791 hair24147 holding object879 horns4822 leaf473 magenta eyes577 mane2491 multicolored body692 paws10545 pink eyes926 purple hair1447 side view2543 smiling17196 solo62651 solo female40712 tail44114 tree2625 water3454 water bubble2


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