This is for the first anniversary of Furbooru. Admit that I did a good job drawing Astra the wolf in anthro version holding his birthday cake while wearing his official hoodie
Base used for Astra belongs to hehehihi2023
The one for PonySeb 2.0 belongs to Pegasski
safe118262 artist:mrstheartist834 furbooru exclusive774 astra86 oc79394 oc only51479 oc:mr.s79 oc:ponyseb 2.0338 canine61216 equine34490 fox22032 human11738 mammal182789 pony28664 anthro156985 feral54616 plantigrade anthro8106 2021 furbooru anniversary51 furbooru101 friendship is magic26927 hasbro32704 my little pony32252 abstract background5408 absurd resolution3352 anniversary158 anthrofied5458 base used1139 birthday225 birthday hat42 cake637 candle549 clothes89816 food6827 happy birthday furbooru6 hoodie2542 looking at you58707 male73962 males only6028 meta143 the sebs duo19 topwear26539


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