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Originally posted on February 2, 2020
Lunar Rose and Shining Silverdiamond Snuggling

Commissioned by absenya

Thanks to meow-da-kat, Pirill-Poveniy and thediscorded for their help and suggestions, and to those who came to watch during the livestreams!

safe9734 artist:djdavid98164 oc10318 oc only5725 oc:lunar rose (absenya)2 oc:shining silverdiamond (absenya)1 bat pony260 equine5519 fictional species9538 mammal13641 pony4886 unicorn1921 friendship is magic4633 my little pony5362 brown hair260 clothes4724 commission833 duo4107 fangs815 feathered wings2270 feathers2748 female9190 feral8383 feral on feral387 fur4569 gray eyes128 gray fur553 gray hair178 hair2916 holding589 holding hands39 hooves1971 horn1959 looking at each other310 male7725 male/female977 nuzzling37 one eye closed366 pink hair611 purple eyes383 purple fur150 scarf289 shipping792 side13 simple background3788 snuggling26 socks226 striped legwear69 tail10862 teeth1770 top down3 transparent background1003 wings3428


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