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Originally posted on: December 30, 2019

Onsite original version: >>5880
Alternate version of >>2234109 without the joke glasses. This image is intentionally lacking the community collaboration tags since I intend the other one to be the actual submission.
safe9736 alternate version498 artist:djdavid98164 oc10319 oc only5726 oc:filly anon6 earth pony1130 equine5521 fictional species9541 mammal13644 pony4888 friendship is magic4633 my little pony5364 black hair217 cheek fluff809 crossed arms51 cutie mark1340 ear fluff928 female9191 feral8383 fluff2735 fur4570 green eyes2026 green fur129 hair2917 hooves1971 simple background3789 sitting927 solo10267 solo female5494 tail10862 transparent background1003 unamused36 young168


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