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Originally posted on: February 14, 2015

Apple Fritter vector: >>5268
Striped Wallpaper — Apple Fritter

Suggested by Makenshi179

Apple Fritter staring into your soul by me
Apple Fritter Cutie Mark by Pangbot

You can find the entire series here:…
safe9736 artist:djdavid98164 artist:eugenebrony2 artist:pangbot2 part of a set224 apple fritter (mlp)2 earth pony1130 equine5521 fictional species9541 mammal13644 pony4888 friendship is magic4633 my little pony5364 .ai available80 .svg available148 abstract background825 absurd resolution253 cutie mark1340 female9191 feral8383 fur4570 green hair78 hair2917 hair bow72 hooves1971 looking at you2214 simple background3789 solo10267 solo female5494 tail10862 transparent background1003 vector292 wallpaper33 yellow fur260


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