Originally posted on: August 27, 2022 at 2:21 PM UTC
[MLP] Galaxia and Cosmos Statue (Vector)
***I hope you like it!
This Vector is Free to Use if you credit me. v
Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos made by SpyrotheFox SpyrotheFox
safe112655 artist:auroranovasentryyt1 artist:harmonyvitality-yt5 artist:universestarlight1 oc75554 oc only48908 oc:king cosmos (spyrothefox)1 oc:queen galaxia (spyrothefox)1 alicorn4158 equine33468 fictional species105117 mammal174067 pony27804 feral52732 friendship is magic26168 hasbro31774 my little pony31333 202225053 base used1095 feathered wings6680 feathers10342 female152644 high res22149 hooves10490 horn12368 male70831 mare12089 raised hoof587 simple background47988 statue98 tail101181 transparent background7643 wings19563


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