Unfamiliar Training
Bryce is introducing his new Buizel to the delights of live prey. The little Bui may have been a tad hesitant, but he’s enjoying the experience more than he’s willing to let on. Could this be the start of a brand new habit?
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suggestive30986 artist:doesnotexist827 oc67990 oc:bryce daeless162 oc:bryce daeless (otter)114 oc:buice (doesnotexist)15 buizel141 eurasian river otter29 fictional species94482 mammal155838 mustelid2798 otter1175 anthro132392 nintendo36863 pokémon26565 202219486 abdominal bulge433 ambiguous prey44 belly1880 blushing26939 bottomwear15525 brown body7593 brown fur7970 clothes75357 countershading657 dialogue11274 duo34864 english text2185 fur67067 hands on shoulders4 looking down2672 male64994 male pred159 males only5410 orange body4422 orange fur4378 partial nudity8907 paw pads9132 paws17550 river otter13 shorts5148 signature13121 sitting11465 smiling31699 subscribestar63 tail90163 talking13041 tan body3692 tan fur3727 text13272 topless3232 vore4811 watermark2994


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