suggestive32858 artist:ambris184 rouge the bat (sonic)1226 bat2139 mammal165183 anthro140801 sega7913 sonic the hedgehog (series)7886 bottomless3969 bra3867 clothes80077 female144356 nudity80711 panties9275 partial nudity9414 solo132729 solo female90146 sports bra1068 topwear23383 underwear12262


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Anonymous #F520
Ambris makes the best bedroom eyes. I envy the people who have a fetish for them.
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I really like this version of Rouge. The hair style you gave her is really cool. Seriously I wish SEGA would base a redesign of her on this. At the very least give her current design this hair style for a scene where Shadow’s/Knuckles’ jaw drops.