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Viw's Art

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What had to happen at the end of the second season:
suggestive16633 artist:drawalaverr34 princess cadence (mlp)264 queen chrysalis (mlp)344 alicorn2859 arthropod2267 changeling836 changeling queen296 equine22668 fictional species56733 mammal91799 pony19265 feral34030 cc by-nc723 creative commons1854 friendship is magic18545 hasbro21852 my little pony21557 202113551 blushing15203 cadalis (mlp)4 crown858 duo21392 duo female3897 fangs5737 female76060 female/female2313 females only4151 french kiss77 high res3592 horn8357 infidelity85 jewelry3757 kissing947 looking at each other1962 looking down1452 looking up887 mare8318 open mouth21277 regalia672 saliva3245 sharp teeth8205 shipping5542 simple background26570 teeth12944 tongue16622 tongue out10697


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