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The Ultimate Water Sport
Well this is a thing. Who will win?
First time ever drawing Carmelita and Minerva Minx.
safe62282 artist:johnjoseco48 callie brigs (swat kats)41 carmelita fox (sly cooper)160 judy hopps (zootopia)837 krystal (star fox)1223 lola bunny (looney tunes)476 michiru kagemori (bna)278 minerva mink (animaniacs)149 rivet (r&c)341 canine29461 cat7741 feline16719 fictional species59484 fox10609 lagomorph5171 lombax375 mammal96250 mink157 mustelid1881 rabbit5039 raccoon dog642 anthro77354 animaniacs234 bna: brand new animal370 disney6328 hanna-barbera312 looney tunes626 nintendo18680 ratchet & clank393 sly cooper (series)195 star fox1585 swat kats49 warner brothers952 zootopia1134 202115743 bikini3448 black nose8202 blonde hair1562 blue eyes8519 blushing16176 breasts41538 butt16535 cleavage4121 clothes44554 crossover2991 ears16118 eyeshadow1552 female80683 females only4517 fur39435 gray body3845 gray fur4387 green eyes7137 group6497 hair32409 hand on breast928 long ears1132 long hair2863 makeup2172 multicolored fur4378 open mouth22263 open smile2003 orange body3078 orange eyes1188 orange fur3322 paws11998 pink nose1705 purple eyes2621 purple hair1595 short hair584 short tail1805 smiling20532 sports bra393 swimsuit4082 tail54063 tan hair116 teeth13353 thighs16921 tongue17493 topwear13132 two toned body2192 two toned fur1801 vixen4408 water4343 water gun24 white body8604 white fur9395


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