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Captured Rivet

5th poll girl, Rivet (again because why not XD)
In this piece, Rivet has been captured by Emperor Nefarious and being locked up in a prison. What will become of Rivet? Will she be trapped in prison for the rest of her life? or something worst…
safe55588 artist:pakwan00819 rivet (r&c)273 fictional species49866 lombax313 mammal81611 anthro62984 ratchet & clank322 20218297 big breasts9953 blue eyes7760 breasts30978 captured39 ear piercing3643 earring2107 ears10047 emperor nefarious (r&c)2 eyebrows4715 eyelashes10858 fangs5115 female65789 female focus2229 goggles974 goggles on head270 hair24145 piercing4913 pink nose1178 prosthetic arm237 prosthetics299 shadow442 sharp teeth7220 solo focus3624 spacesuit123 tail44112 teeth11414 white hair1737


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