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Anonymous #F51D
Maybe this belongs in the Site forum, but it looks like the Form/form quick tags are out of order.
Can we put anthro/anthro first?
Anonymous #3390
I’ve seen a lot of fan art for Snoot Game, a visual novel that parodies the upcoming Goodbye Volcano High and uses most of its cast. The overlap in characters leads to the issue I want to ask about: it’s not always obvious that it’s meant to be specifically for Snoot Game from the artwork alone, unless the artist’s comments specifically mention it.
How would I tag this art if I uploaded it? Would I need both “goodbye volcano high” and “snoot game” as series tags?
Anonymous #C1EB
Description for sonic ad: “Official art of Sonic the Hedgehog series commercials and advertisements. Add the tag to your filter list if you don’t like these images.”
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@Anonymous #C1EB  
There is no need for a sonic ad tag. It is far too granular, and not scalable - we would have to add a new tag for each new franchise being advertised and the list of ‘ad’ tags would become unwieldy.
Instead, I will alias sonic ad into commercial so that the filters of anyone already using sonic ad will continue to work as expected.
Please see this post for a proposal for handling official Commercials without obfuscating the Advertisement tag.
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