Character Tag Categorization.

Anonymous #BD28

kirara (inuyasha)inuyasha
- citation

splendid (htf), disco bear (htf), pop (htf) , cub (htf), mime (htf)happy tree friends
- citation

emile (ratatouille)ratatouille, disney, pixar
- citation

jack-jack parr (the incredibles), dash parr (the incredibles), helen parr (the incredibles), mirage (the incredibles)the incredibles, disney, pixar
- citation

bing bong (inside out)inside out, disney, pixar
- citation

dipper pines (gravity falls)disney, gravity falls
- We know well who is this guy.

gru (despicable me)despicable me
- Main protagonist of the series

sally carrera (cars), tow mater (cars), luigi (cars), doc hudson (cars)cars (disney), disney, pixar
- Also alias this short name tag : sally (cars)
- citation

dean hardscrabble (monsters university)monsters university, monsters inc., disney, pixar
- Also, yellow tag monsters universitymonsters inc., disney, pixar
- For this new yellow tag above, may add des. that is a prequel to the first movie.
- citation

arle nadja (puyo puyo), carbuncle (puyo puyo), klug (puyo puyo)puyo puyo, sega
- Arle Nadja's short tag should be aliased : arle (puyo puyo)
- Also, yellow tag puyo puyosega
- citation

venus mcflytrap (monster high)monster high, mattel
- citation

- Alias calhoun (wreck-it ralph) into sergeant calhoun (wreck-it ralph)
- Alias queen atta (a bug's life) into princess atta (a bug's life)
- Alias penny (secret squirrel) into penny squirrel (secret squirrel)
Anonymous #BD28
@Radomila Radon
Perhaps next times, so that the staffs can do things easier and faster, for everyone's convenience.
Especially multiple franchises, your current request luckily got only one franchise.
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Radomila Radon
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Heavy Lifter - Uploaded over 1k art pieces
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✾ Radio-siren ✾
see (rhythm heaven)
Alt name: Mr. See

saw (rhythm heaven
Alt name: Mr. Saw

bertram (rhythm heaven)
Alt name: Grasshopper (in Japan), Butter (in Korea)

betty (rhythm heaven)
Alt name: Tang-Gerine

boo-boo (rhythm heaven)

colin (rhythm heaven)

phillip (rhythm heaven)
Alt name: Philip, Bobby (In France & Italy)

dough dude (rhythm heaven)

mako (rhythm heaven)

play-yan (rhythm heaven)

space dancer (rhythm heaven)

space paddler (rhythm heaven)
Implies: space dancer (rhythm heaven)

stepswitcher (rhythm heaven)

tibby's mom (rhythm heaven)

trey (rhythm heaven)

Note: All of them should imply to rhythm heaven, nintendo
Some of them have different names in other countries.
Anonymous #6589
@Anonymous #BD28

cheshire cat alias into cheshire cat (disney's alice in wonderland)

I don't know why this even implies "alice in wonderland (1951)". There was more than one Alice in Wonderland movie/TV series. And of those not all were made by Disney. But I guess it will be the most popular one, I will alias it for now, but maybe "alice in wonderland (1951)" should be aliased into "alice in wonderland (disney)", idk.

Rest is done.

No, "alice in wonderland (1951)" should not be aliased to "alice in wonderland (disney)", because Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010) is made by Disney as well.
Anonymous #6589
@Anonymous #BD28
Character Tags
silver (angry birds)angry birds

jill valentine (resident evil)resident evil, capcom

kyubi (yo-kai watch)yo-kai watch

crash bandicoot (character) alias into crash bandicoot (crash bandicoot)
coco bandicoot alias into coco bandicoot (crash bandicoot)
tawna bandicoot alias into tawna bandicoot (crash bandicoot)
guardian angel (character) alias into guardian angel (mlp)

Edit: Also, I sense a bad omen in character tagging registeration speed here, I would rather not upload new characters because of this, I might rarely use this site because of this or might quit.

(fursearch here)

I feel the same way, and I try not to upload any art with new characters because of this.
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