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@Anonymous #C921
Dear user,

Please format your reply to the thread properly, we won't be doing regular updates otherwise as it breaks workflow, meaning it will take considerably longer.


@Anonymous #81E7
We're working on this one, it's just that we're making some polishing on how to handle franchise tags and discussions is needed before we proceed with some of it.


To everyone else, I believe it's up to date
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Heavy Lifter - Uploaded over 1k art pieces
Seedling - Gave the site life with many uploads during its first months

Rocky The Werepuppy
Hello I need some tag characters down a link

king (the owl house) (Needs The Owl House tag)

john blacksad (blacksad) (Need a Blacksad tag)

doggie kruger (power rangers) (Need a Power Rangers tag)

blitz (road rovers) (Need a Road Rovers tag from Warner Bros)

sterling (animal crossing)

bill grey (star fox)
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