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A Rising Resistance and a Falling Empire

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Welcome to the world of Damaquill a wonderful planet filled with exotic lands of beauty and life.

From the lush forest of the Nandril to the beautiful White sea of the Northern folk, its beauty holds no bond…..but the dangerous parts of it are far greater, from the vast Ice fields that have claimed thousands of ships, to the roaming packs of orcs and goblins that love to night raid villages.

But even more, the land you all call home, the province of Wilnox a snowy covered Province bordering the Frozen sea of Shax. (yes most of the names are on the fly). Is on the Brink of a civil war, you have all heard different stories and perhaps may not even care, but the balance of the two sides is close to a tipping point, one that will end in the destruction of the other.

The Empire, the vast large government based out of the City Nithandril has had a hold on this land for as long as you can remember and like most governments someone will always hate them. They have done their far share of evil and misdeeds however.

The other side is the rebellion. Run by someone who is only known as the Doctor she leads against the Empire every day. All of you in someway will have a say in this war. You are responsible for the tipping of the balances of life.

But alas, those are stories for another day. Our story finds you in the Town of Liqu, during a festival of great excitement and importance! They are praying and giving thanks to the God of harvest and Farming.

You have all from one way or another been drawn here to this village, perhaps you have lived here your Entire life, perhaps resting from a long voyage or maybe even you have heard the great tales of the ale and mead sold at the bar! Whatever your fancy, welcome to Liqu!

(Welcome Welcome! This here is a relaunch of a DND campaign i did a VERY long time ago and I have decided to turn it into another Roleplay In a way it will act like a DND, but the combat is not 'turn' based as it is free play. All i ask in terms of combat is don't be overpowered. Know when to take a hit or I will force the hit.
I will be leading the wonderful little adventure but please feel free to dm me with ideas for Side quests and the like. At this time I have the whole story at about 45% done. but its enough for now!

As you probably have guessed this is a Empire/rebel type deal. If anyone is interest in Being an imperial soldier. privately dm me!

Name: Self Explanatory
Race: again a little self Explanatory however try not to be like god or demon or something like that. Standard fantasy races apply but i will allow other things like most MLP races and other furry things.
Age: Self Explanatory
Description: If you want just to help others understand.
Strengths: Yep
Weakness: I would appreciate some to be here.
Weapons and Armour:

Finally, Why are you here: I understand this is a little hard to answer as you all have no idea on my main points. However what is your characters drive for things, Money, adventure. Revenge? You can lie here as your motives are yours and yours alone.

and that will do it. I am not going to start right away as I need to prepare some more and I work, I will try to drive the story as much as possible when mostly everyone is here and will try to catch people up to speed when they are not.

Thank You!
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.

Demonic Doggo
Name: Daniel/Dan (titles:The Timeless, The Ancient, The Devil, Demon, Harbinger)
Race: (there's 3 people in one body so I shall name each race) An sort of canid demon. Sylbreon. Alolan vulpix
Age: All 3 of them are exactly 26 and have stopped aging
Description:I will post it when the dormant state awakens for the first time
Strengths: Alolan vulpix: Immunity to the cold and being frozen, infact any ice themed attacks may heal them, as well as being able to traverse through ice as if it was water. Sylbreon:Iron tail effects his ribbons, turning them into blades that can be launched at high speeds but only as far as they can reach and can double as swords, Able to traverse through shadows at high speed (5 minute cool down) also able to have their rings glow to light up an dark room, as well as an sort of toxin in its blood to deter anyone from biting, Demonic: Able to fly using its wings, it's fur can turn into an sort of flame which will burn those touching it, It's teeth are sharp as well as it's gums and tongue being an sort of lava, it has an boss mode which lasts 5 minutes and forces it to go dormant, where it's paws turns into hands with large and extremely sharp claws.

Weapons and armour: Alolan vulpix: the entirety of its moveset and claws and able to form an armour from ice, Sylbreon: every move in the set of an umbreon and sylveon, claws, an bladed ribbons (when iron tail is active). Demonic: Claws, teeth, wings, body.

Why your here: An universal leap from a doomed reality brought the 3 of them here

Also to clear up confusion refer to the sylbreon as Dan, Alolan vulpix as Daniel, and the demon as the ancient one or Simply Terror.
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Name: Royal
Race: Dragon, feywing (the butterfly-winged geckos like brightwing)
Age: 16
Description: Standing as tall as a large dog this white scaled lizard bears the wings of a monarch butterfly and is otherwise skinny like most feywing
Strengths: like most feywings a very magical creature, especially in short range blinks and manipulation of gravity, also largely immune to elemental damages (not their side effects or poison.
Weakness: when he DOES get caught he snaps like a twig, the usual draconic toughness(aside from being resilient to elements) does not apply
Weapons and Armour: darts shaped from pebbles and lightweight silk coverings
Why are you here: as an imperial noble he was visiting this town on a tour of the realm. he finds the small towns to be the most charming.

Name: Garth "the iron scar"
Race: Anthropomorph Hyena
Age: 35
Description: It's ye boi
Strengths: earned his old age on the frontlines for a reason, a veteran close combatant
Weakness: the scars and pains add up, he's also a good deal less formidable at longer range.
Weapons and Armour: a chain-reinforced leather armor paired with a somewhat wicked looking broadsword and shield
Why are you here: the elder of two bodyguard to the spoiled lizard prince

Name: Apep
Race: Naga (cobra kind)
Age: 27
Description: noodly body, slim built torso, ash grey scales though a pattern of black ones
Strengths: excellent reflexes, complimenting his archery, ability to constrict a single opponent up close and personal, pretty intense glare that will make the feeble minded freeze.
Weakness: hates, Hates, HATES the cold, may also panic when swrods come too close to him, making him a bit more flighty than his frame would suggest.
Weapons and Armour: Longbow and arrows, at times coated in his own venom
Why are you here: the younger of the bodyguard pair
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.

I post Changeling stuff
So i have 3 people (myself included) confirmed 100% and I believe two more for sure.

I will explain how magic will work now.

using magic for simple everyday things is fine and does not require much concentration or focus. But to make things a little more balanced, magic can not be used rapidly or exclusively.

Also if your character can fly and use magic you may not do both 100% at the same time;. you can fly and use magic to light the way or other small things but not attack.

Name: Fizzler, Bob, Steve, Mary, Ivan, Jamesy

Race: Goblin

Age: Unknown

Description: Standard Green Psychotic Goblin with a Multiple Personality Disorder. Fun loving, Pyromaniac, Chaotic, Kleptomaniac and a little violent. Is an existing character of the world and city, she has a pet Giant Corgi with green fur due to goblin dog genes.

Strengths: Small and hard to detect, Vast knowledge of alchemy and tinkering.

Weakness: Herself and being surrounded

Weapons and Armor: Makeshift alchemy bombs, acid, a serrated dagger and the Hob

Why I am here: I live here!
Astra - Helped choose the name for our mascot - Astra.
Passing of the Eclipse - Joined within the first month of public opening and has had at least some activity as of August 3, 2020.

(Still need to drop my changeling girl in here…maybe another character too if I can figure out what to do)
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.

Demonic Doggo
Name: Matthew Paddock

Race: Wingless Dragon


Description: An rather slim and feminine lad with an slight bust, he stands at around 6'12 and is kinda thicc, and under his dark magenta hoodie he has more scales near his side's to defend his ribs . (Only gave an rough description as the image explains more)

Strengths: Heat resistant scales, Exceptional immune system, Slow regeneration of lost limbs or wounds (an removed arm or leg takes 4 days to fully regrow, 20 minutes to stop bleeding) strong class exceptional for climbing and a rather good sense of smell and great eye sight, exceptional with bladed weapons, if fully heated can launch an fireball with an 20 minute cooldown

Weaknesses: is more affected by low temperatures more and takes an while to heat up, healing exhausts him, He isn't that much of an heavy hitter

Weapons and armour: Scales on his body and sides, Claws, and an Jagdkommando tri-dagger HK0234 Dual edged dagger

Why you are here:Dragged in by an anomaly caused by the ancient one leaping universes

the dagger is built in such a way that if you are stabbed you can only rely on someone to heal you, stitching the wound won't really work due to the constant twist in the blade but bandaging and applying pressure or cauterizinf it will help deal with it at least
Derpy Fur - Prevented Furbooru's terrible fate in April of 2021.

I post Changeling stuff
Now for the sake of mine and your sainty everyone try not to overload you or yourself with characters. I will be keeping track of all of them so heh. But so far so good~
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