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Allstar by Smashmouth
52.50% 21 votes
15.00% 6 votes
12.50% 5 votes
10.00% 4 votes
7.50% 3 votes
2.50% 1 vote
0.00% 0 votes
0.00% 0 votes
0.00% 0 votes
0.00% 0 votes

Poll ends . 40 votes cast so far.


Meow ♡
Music is so healing ♡ The thing that’s had me kinda fucked up about my ex-partner isn’t how badly they treated me but like, I thought I was such a better judge of character. I thought I had developed a strong sense for picking good people, and they were over there not giving a rat’s ass about my PTSD, to the point they pushed so far we couldn’t even stay friends. They said they are a bad person and they were right about that.
But I’ve been listening to this song and it’s really making me feel better :3 I am a huge loss to them, a great partner who had been working hard on the struggles I have, in part for them. And had they just had more patience and kindness with me, well things could have turned out much better now that medication has massively improved my issue. But they proved they are not worthy of my excellence, and I feel now mostly healed from the damage they caused 💪
The Distillers - Lordy Lordy
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