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Anonymous #BC25
As the title suggests im looking for a specific animation.  
Its been years since ive seen it but i cant help but look back and think about it and now i want to find it really bad for some reason.  
Ill do my best to describe it from memory and if any of you can help me that’d be much appreciated  
The animation starts out as a sort of news broadcast and the two news anchors are a fox (i believe but its most definitely a canid) and the other was a big cat like a tiger, throughout the animation the screen glitches and reveals multiple gore-y scenes and eventually gets more and more satanic/horrorish i remember in one of the scenes there was a numerical code that spelt out “The road i walk is paved in gold” like A=1 B=2 etc. If there’s any other info yall may need please let me know im really wanting to find this one again
Anonymous #BC25
Ive looked all over E621 and other furry sites with a plethora of different tags yet i just cant seem to find it
Anonymous #BC25
Now that i think of it it may have been on Google+ and deleted along side that. I still think it could be out there though
Anonymous #6420
Deletion reason: Rule #6 - Spambot
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