Eternal thread (Furry edition)

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I believe the rest of our lives are a joint mission of being better for our planet and our fellow humans, and for ourselves. We must also focus on self-preservation- on survival. Prepare and educate yourselves. You have the power within you to be so much more than you know. If you would've told me 4 years ago that I would ever be foraging, canning and baking my own food, making my own nets, bags, weapons, and more and camping in sub-zero temperatures… I would've thought you were nuts… But life is amazing like that. You can accomplish a lot if you just believe in yourself. You don't have to accomplish the same things as anyone else or in the same way… But you can and should do a lot more than what you think. You owe it to yourself.
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It's not every day I see positivity of this sort. Thank you for that.

After having seen madness for so long, at some point one just resigns to it and just observe. We've all been brought up on this idea that humanity is better, smarter and more rational than it actually is. Ignorance is bliss until you know better.
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