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T h i r t y - t w o f i f t y - t w o
Whoa. That looks like a sign for a mysterious place to start a video game and/or novel of the same name. Maybe a post-apocalyptuc, cyberpunk dystopia? A philosophical, psychological science fiction fantasy horror? Think in the veins of Observer, SOMA, VA-11 Hall-A… but also maybe a wee bit reminiscent of New Vegas. Also would love to draw elements of Prey, Inside, Axiom Verge, some other shorter games…
There is no sun or really any sky to speak of, just a dim, washed-out blur above, and a grey-green stone street with no sidewalks below. No cars line the street either, although a couple empty Volkswagon frames sit parked down the street. Shops and nondescript buildings of unknown purpose, 2-4 stories high line the avenue. A keen eye reveals depressing boards or signs over the vast majority of the buildings’ doors, “closed,” “out of business,” written on most, though eerily things are fairly kempt, and for such a depressing sight, there is barely any graffiti or broken glass. A grainy bass tone around 100 hz, not unlike a mains hum seems to come from the occasional bird, almost flying in and out of existence in the distance, quiet corvids you can’t really get a good look at in this almost liminal space.
As you make your way down the (not)empty block, one place stands out from the rest, above a not boarded-up door, a neon sign glows warmly, organically… yet glitches and phazes slightly, digitally…
T h i r t y - t w o f i f t y - t w o
You approach the building, hesitantly at first, but soon become enamored with the details you can see only as you get up close. Seamlessly blending into their environment, purple tendrils snake their way up the building, glowing not unlike the neon . They look both very “alive” and very “dead” at the same time. Pulsing subtly, they flow with something like blood, but are dry and cracking like vines and leaves that haven’t enough water…
T h i r t y - t w o f i f t y - t w o
Borrowing from Victorian, Soviet, biomechanical, and cyberpunk aesthetics and stories, but would love to make it my own, weave a world that deals with the past, the future, human nature, our relationship with nature… I may be a femboy, but I would love to make the ghost of the great, late H.R. Geiger proud someday. (I probably would never have time and energy to pursue such ideas to their conclusion, but you never know!)
And yes I know this sounds all very cliché, overly ambitious, and a tad self-indulgent, but it’s my fantasy, my canvas to paint on. Dammit, I can dream Harold.
Lol I’m going to sleep. I’m tired. Luv u FurB. 😸 curls up ♡♡♡ 💤
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