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Originally posted on: April 13, 2020
Happy 9th Anniversary MLP:FiM

More like 9.5th at this point
Long story short Derpibooru had an event so I rushed out a quick sketch for the occasion and have left it on my Desktop to collect dust for 6 months. Then stay-at-home orders and mandatory vacations hit and I ended up returning to this sketch to finish it.

Many thanks to Pirill-Poveniy, thediscorded and the MLPDrawingSchool livestream for their help and suggestions both with the original sketch and the final image!
safe9736 artist:djdavid98164 button mash (mlp)2 sweetie belle (mlp)45 earth pony1130 equine5521 fictional species9541 mammal13644 pony4888 unicorn1921 friendship is magic4633 my little pony5364 arcade2 arcade cabinet2 blushing1546 brown eyes359 brown fur449 brown hair260 clothes4725 cute761 cutie mark1340 dialogue789 duo4107 eyes closed1297 female9191 feral8383 feral on feral387 fur4570 gradient background429 gray fur553 hair2917 happy birthday mlp:fim2 hat518 heart582 heart background1 hooves1971 horn1959 kiss on the cheek8 kissing167 male7725 male/female977 pink hair611 propeller hat2 purple hair469 shipping792 simple background3789 sitting927 sketch341 space invaders2 speech bubble506 sweetiemash (mlp)2 text859


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