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“ Yeah, figures that this would activate your primitive neurons, dweeb ~ 💢 “
Animation of Loona, the Hellhound from Helluva Boss jiggling her hyooge doggo booba. She definitely doesn’t seem too pleased about it, does she?
Thanks for your support and hope you guys like it! 🙂
suggestive16635 artist:evov1183 loona (vivzmind)1292 canine27925 fictional species56742 hellhound1316 mammal91816 anthro72932 hazbin hotel1410 helluva boss1385 202113552 animated3295 areola13433 arm behind back49 bedroom eyes5677 blinking286 bouncing breasts429 breasts38215 collar5467 ear fluff6266 female76073 fluff19440 gif2670 gray hair1142 hair29846 huge breasts5321 long hair2582 nipples22352 nudity41779 solo70955 solo female46925 spiked collar962


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